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BK117C1 Ser No. 7538

BK117C1 Part Out – Spares Available

Earlier this year, we took delivery of a BK117C1 and started the part-out process soon after.  Previously operated by the East Anglian Air Ambulance service, Ser No. 7538 was in excellent condition and we’ve been extremely happy with the condition of the assemblies and parts removed.   

The engines, hydraulic pack, TRGB and IGB, and the interior floor have all been sold, but everything else is still available and starting to filter into our stock.  The MRBs have been sent out for inspection and a large number of instruments/avionics have been shipped out for tagging with FAA/EASA release.

We’re updating our stock records as quickly as possible but if you have a specific BK117 parts requirement that’s not showing in stock, please email us directly; the chances are, we’ll have it with the aircraft.

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