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Drivetrain Overhaul/Repair Management
and Exchange program

Specialising in AS350/AS355s and EC130s, we are able to offer an overhaul and repair management service with discounts available on replacement parts.  Exchanges are also available for most assemblies.

Using only Airbus approved service centres, our capabilities include:

  • AS350/355/EC130 Bevel Reduction Gearbox Assembly
  • AS350/355/EC130 Main Rotor Shaft Assembly
  • AS350/355/EC130 Epicyclic Gear Assembly
  • AS350/355/EC130 Main Rotor Head Assembly
  • AS350/355/EC130 Tail Rotor Drive Shaft
  • AS350/355 Tail Rotor Gearbox Assembly
  • AS350/355 Swashplate Assembly
  • AS355 Combining Gearbox Assembly
  • EC130 Tail Rotor Gearbox Assembly

Cost Saving Programme

We have built up a large stock of sub-assembly components in serviceable and overhauled condition that are available to incorporate into your component overhaul for those wishing to reduce costs.  All items are tagged with FAA 8130-3 Dual (EASA) release by an Airbus approved shop and are subject to availability (please note: use of used parts may affect warranty).

  • We pass on our 3% parts discount on NEW parts and 20% on non SSL sub assy components.
  • We have a large stock of rotable components available from our exchange pool in support of the AS350/355/EC130
  • All drivetrain assembly components come with FAA 8130-3 Dual (EASA) release, Log cards and the repair shop warranty


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